It was once thought that longevity was mainly a matter of chance. If you were lucky,you lived for a long time. If you were not so lucky,your life might be shorter. But researchers have found that,in fact,luck has very little to do with our longevity.


Genes play a role in health and longevity,as we now know. But even more important are the effects of lifestyle choices we make on a daily basis,especially our diet choices.


Research has clearly shown that the foods we eat are decisive. This research was urgently needed,because,in the U.S.,we are struggling to deal with the epidemics of diabetes,heart disease,cancer,hypertension,and obesity that have been caused by our unfortunate dietary habits. An American with diabetes loses more than a decade of life,compared with other Americans. And in recent years,Americans pay more than$120 billion annually for the medical costs related to diabetes. Adding the personal and financial costs of other diet-related diseases,it is clear that our diet habits are killing us.


At the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington,DC,our research team found that a diet change can improve and sometimes even reverse type 2 diabetes. Other researchers have shown that healthy eating habits can reverse heart disease. Foods play major roles in cancer risk,as well.


The foods that been shown to work these wonders are surprisingly simple. Vegetables,fruits,whole grains,and legumes provide the nutrition our bodies need,while helping us avoid cholesterol and unhealthful fats. Throughout China,traditional cuisines have made use of these nutritious staples.


However,in recent decades,a new phenomenon has begun. Fast-food chains have cropped up in many cities and towns,and western eating habits have invaded. Meat and dairy products have become much more popular. And the result has been an emergence of the very diseases that have long plagued the U.S. and other western countries.


According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations,beef consumption in China will increase by 1.5 million tons within the next decade. Per capita milk consumption has increased tenfold since 1980. The fat and cholesterol that come from these foods are padding waistlines and clogging arteries.


Cardiovascular disease is now the leading cause of death in China. More than 92 million adults have diabetes,and another 150 million adults have prediabetes. These epidemics,which are the direct result of the influx of meat and dairy products into the diet,will burden the nation as never before.


This book answers these problems. It not only shows what causes health problems.

It also shows you,step by step,how to take advantage of age-old traditional foods,along with the findings of 21st-century research,in order to conquer health challenges and live a longer,healthier,and more productive life.


It is not so hard to do,and the results can be spectacular. With simple steps,we can give our families and our communities the very best of health.


尼尔·伯纳德(Neal Barnard),医学博士,担任美国医师委员会的主席,也是资深营养研究专家,著有多本素食方面的书籍,影响非常大。



With every passing day,we are learning more about the beneficial effects of eating vegetables,fruits,and whole grains,and the damaging effects of confining and killing animals for food. This book summarizes these discoveries so that we can live more healthy and productive lives,and contribute to a more harmonious world.


Personally,I am grateful to the wisdom teachings I discovered many years ago that came from the ancient Chinese Buddhist and Taoist traditions. Besides advocating simplicity,kindness,humility,and harmonizing ourselves with the larger world of nature,they taught me the importance of eating a plant-based diet. As a vegan of more than 30 years now,I feel my life and my destiny have been improved immeasurably by these ancient teachings advocating vegetarian living.


Physical health,psychological health,spiritual health,cultural health,and ecological health are all interconnected. When we pay for and eat foods from animals,we act in cruel and heartless ways not only toward the animals,but also toward the people who have to do the terrible work of killing animals all day,and to those who go hungry because we are feeding valuable grain to pigs,chickens,cows,and farmed fish so that we can eat meat,eggs,fish,and dairy products. These poor animals are inefficient converters of grain into animal protein,saturated fat,and cholesterol,and create terrible pollution problems that lead to climate destabilization and species extinction as we cut down forests,overfish the oceans,and pollute and waste water in order to grow feedstock. And then,to compound these problems,eating meat and dairy products is the driving force behind the many diseases that cause us misery,such as heart disease,diabetes,osteoporosis,arthritis,kidney disease,obesity and many forms of cancer.


By hardening our hearts to the suffering of the birds,mammals,fish,and other people we harm for food,we also harden our arteries and cut our lives short. As this book demonstrates so well,being kind to others benefits not only them but ourselves as well.


There is nothing more important for us as human beings today to understand than the wisdom that is in this book. Although it has ancient roots,we must rediscover it today because institutions and interests that profit from disease,devastation,and oppression are suppressing it.


Each one of us can stop being part of the problem,and become part of the solution! Thank you for reading,contemplating,and acting on the understanding conveyed in these pages. You can help yourself and all of us. We are all interrelated.


威尔·塔特尔(Will Tuttle),哲学博士,著有《世界和平饮食:为灵性健康与和谐社会而食》,美国钢琴家、作曲家、教育家。



When people hear me talk about animals and their behaviors,they ask me: “Do you eat meat?” I reply: “I used to.” I ate animals until I was 25 years old. I was by then only vaguely familiar with the way animals are treated to produce the meat we buy conveniently wrapped in plastic at the supermarket. But as I learned about their cruel treatment on factory farms,their appalling journey to the slaughterhouse,and the horror of slaughter,I realized I could not reconcile these things with my love of animals. So I stopped eating them.


I also get asked: “But you drink milk,don t you?” Again,I ,once did. But it,s now been 22 years since I last nursed from a cow s udder.(In truth,I never got on my hands and knees and latched ,onto a cow s teat,but if that sounds bizarre,then so should the idea of drinking breast secretions from another species. Humans are ,the only species to do this.)Not only is cow s milk unnatural and unhealthy for a human,it is also cruel to the cow and her baby,,,because we don t share the cow s milk with the calf. We take it all. Standard dairy practice is to separate the calf from its mother within an hour of birth. Cows cherish their babies like all mothers do. They will bellow for days to be reunited with their abducted loved-one. Sometimes the calf is placed in a neighboring stall where the cow can hear and smell her baby but cannot reach it to lick and nurse it. Male calves are often sold for veal production,where they are typically chained by the neck in a 22 inch wide stall,fed a poor diet,and denied exercise just to make their flesh pale and soft before being slaughtered. Female calves may also go to veal,or they might be raised to repeat the cycle as dairy cows. After being successively impregnated by artificial insemination,giving birth,and then having her babies taken away,the dairy cow—probably lame,and now physically and emotionally exhausted—is “rewarded” for her hardships by being sent to the slaughterhouse.


The story isn’t much different for chickens,pigs,sheep,goats,ducks,turkeys,cats,dogs,bush meat and all the others whose flesh humans around the world eat depending on palate preference. Is there anything wrong with treating animals this way? Of course there is. And the reason is because animals are sentient beings – they feel. They have thoughts and emotions; they remember things; and they have lives that matter to them. Like us,they experience pleasure and joy,happiness and sorrow,and pain and suffering. Science has learned that the animals we raise to eat are no different than we are in these capacities. Their pain is as real and their emotions as intense as that of any other animal,including us. Studies show that young cows get excited when they solve a problem; that sheep recognize fifty or more of their flock-mates two years after they last saw them; that chickens have a vocabulary of thirty calls; that roosters may be virtuous and at times deceptive in wooing a female for a future dalliance; and that factory-farmed pigs—deprived of the opportunity to run and play in the open air—become depressed and pessimistic.


Fortunately,humankind is beginning to realize that we can no longer afford—ethically,ecologically or economically—to treat animals as if they were automatons. In 2000,no region of the United States outlawed any standard agricultural confinement practices. Today,seven U.S. states and the European Union have passed laws banning gestation crates for sows,and several have also outlawed the use of crates to confine veal calves and battery cages for laying hens. A 2010 survey by Context Marketing found that 69% of American consumers will pay more for “ethically produced” foods and that 91% include animal welfare in their criteria for whether something is ethically produced. A New York Times newspaper editorial in 2010 reported that “industrial confinement[of animals] is cruel and senseless and will turn out to be,we hope,a relatively shortlived anomaly in modern farming.” Interest and demand for vegan food is taking hold in America and much of the world.

幸运的是,人类开始认识到,无论从伦理上还是生态或经济方面,都再也无法把动物当做机器一样对待。在2000年,美国没有任何一个地区取缔标准农业囚禁动物的做法。如今,欧盟以及美国的七个州已通过法律,禁止把母猪囚禁在妊娠箱内,有几个州同时也禁止把肉用小牛囚禁在箱子里,禁止把蛋鸡囚禁在层架式鸡笼里。2010年,Context Marketing的一项调查发现,69%的美国消费者愿意多支付“生产方式符合道德”食品的费用,而其中91%的消费者会将动物福利作为标准考量某种食品是否符合道德。2010年纽约时报的一篇社论说“‘动物’被工业监禁是残忍和毫无意义的,我们希望这种现象只是在现代农业中相对短暂的反常现象”。美国和世界上很多地方的人们都开始对严格素食感兴趣并购买严格素食。

The adoption of “Meatless Mondays”has become a worldwide movement,with meat-free days being declared in the USA,Canada,Israel and Belgium. Vegan cookbooks(e.g.,The Kind Diet,Veganomicon,and The Conscious Cook)are on bestseller lists; vegan celebrities are sprouting up all over; and at least two former heads of state,America’s Bill Clinton,and Slovenia’s Janez Drnovsek,follow a vegan diet.“Adding vegetarian and vegan options” recently made the top ten of National Restaurant News’s list of top fifty ways to improve business.

随着美国、加拿大、以色列和比利时先后宣布“无肉日”,“无肉星期一”已经成为一个波及全世界的运动。很多严格素食的烹饪书籍(例如《善良饮食》《纯素烹饪》和《自觉烹饪》)登上畅销书排行榜;世界各地也涌现出很多纯素名人,至少有两个国家的前元首——美国前总统克林顿和斯洛文尼亚前总统亚内兹·德尔诺夫舍克(Janez Drnovsek)——遵循严格素食。最近,“增加素食者和严格素食者的食谱”在全国餐饮业新闻(National Restaurant News)评选的“改善经营业绩的前五十种途径”中入围前十名。

In this book,Yongsheng Tian focuses on the important benefits of a plant-based diet to our own physical and spiritual health. As one of China’s vegan pioneers,Dr. Tian is at the vanguard of a revolution of awareness about the ravages of animal agriculture and the benefits of a cleaner,healthier,more earth-friendly and ethical way of eating. And it isn’t a moment too soon for China as for any other country. China has doubled its meat consumption in the past decade. The Chinese now consume more meat than any other nation,a quarter of the world’s total. But the Chinese are not only hungry for meat,they are also hungry for information. And it is my hope and my belief that the information in this and Yongsheng’s other best-selling books will guide Chinese citizens toward a sustainable and more humane dietary path.


The benefits of plant-based eating are enormous. Time and again scientific research shows that we live longer,healthier and happier lives when we stop eating animals. People on a plant-based diet are at less risk of heart disease,stroke,cancer(including breast,pancreatic,colorectal,bladder,and prostate cancer),diabetes,obesity,Parkinson’s disease,asthma,impotence,and food poisoning. Vegetarians age more slowly and they can expect to live,on average,several years longer and have significantly happier moods than their omnivorous counterparts.


There is something incredibly empowering about making an immediate,daily difference by the simple,elemental act of how we eat. Anne Frank perhaps said it best: How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. Vegan living is the pinnacle of personal activism for a better world. It is the way of the future,and it begins now. Yongsheng and I invite you to join this vital,rapidly rising global movement.

借由饮食方式这个简单而基本的行为,就会产生一些令人难以置信、立竿见影、与众不同的效果。或许安妮·弗兰克(Anne Frank)的话用在这里最恰当:面对改善世界的使命,所有人都立刻采取行动,这是一件多么美妙的事情!严格素食主义者的生活就是个人为创造更美好世界所作努力的顶峰。它是未来的发展方向,而且它就从现在开始。我和作者永胜邀请您与我们一起努力,加入这个至关重要、迅速崛起的全球性运动之中。

Jonathan Balcombe博士,美国人文社会大学动物研究系主任,著有《欢腾的方舟》(The Exultant Ark,2011)、《第二天性》(Second Nature,2010(、《快乐王国》(Pleasurable Kingdom,2006)等书。

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