英文原版 漫威超级英雄故事.黑豹 Black Panther: Battle for Wakanda(txt+pdf+epub+mobi电子书下载)




英文原版 漫威超级英雄故事.黑豹 Black Panther: Battle for Wakanda

英文原版 漫威超级英雄故事.黑豹 Black Panther: Battle for Wakanda试读:


Growing up in a royal family wasn’t always easy for Prince T’Challa. There was great pressure to live up to the legacy of his father, T’Chaka, the respected King of Wakanda. T’Chaka was also leader of the ancient Panther Clan, a role passed down for generations. Everything changed the day an outsider named Ulysses Klaw arrived in Wakanda. He wanted to steal the country’s resources for his own evil purpose. Klaw attacked T’Chaka, hitting him with one fatal blow. The loss of T’Chaka left the royal family heartbroken.As he grew older, T’Challa learned not to dwell on the past. His calling was to become more than just a prince. He loved science. He studied hard to become a thinker and trained his mind and body to work together. T’Challa studied fighting techniques and used a unique heart-shaped herb that gave him enhanced abilities. After inventing an impenetrable suit made of a powerful element called Vibranium, T’Challa was ready to inherit his father’s title. His metamorphosis into a hero was complete. People all over the world would soon revere the powerful, the magnificent, the legendary . . .


In the heart of Wakanda sat a large mountain known as the Great Mound. The area held the nation’s greatest resource: Vibranium. This incredible, sound-absorbing metal had been the source of Wakanda’s advanced technology for centuries. Wakandans working in the mines considered it an honor to be chosen for such a role. Today, however, many of them did not feel very honored.“Look out!” a miner shouted.TICK, TICK, TICK BOOM!An explosion rocked the Great Mound as the White Gorilla Cultists stormed the area. They were led by a fearsome warlord known as M’Baku, who directed his mercenaries to destroy everything. Their savagery was known throughout Wakanda. However, their exact motives remained unclear. They hadn’t stolen anything, nor had they before. Their only mission, it seemed, was to terrify.“Run for your lives!” another miner yelled.Terrified workers scattered in all directions as cultists ravaged the area. Pandemonium overtook the Mound as miners desperately defended themselves against the brutal attack.A cultist raised his spear high into the air above an innocent miner, but before he could land a blow, a silent black streak darted across the Great Mound at lightning speed.It was the Black Panther, and he was angry. He pounced on the cultist, ripping the spear from his hand and tossing him through the air!The fallen cultist scoffed. “You have no idea what’s coming.”The ominous warning struck fear in Black Panther’s heart. Avengers business had kept him busy. He’d been spending more time outside of Wakanda than he was used to, and it left him feeling as if he didn’t know what was going on inside his own country.“What do you want?” Black Panther growled.“You’ll see,” the cultist sneered.“Where is M’Baku?” Black Panther asked. Before he could answer, a new commotion swept through the Mound.“Clear out!” a cultist roared. The cultists were retreating. They’d released a smoke bomb that coated the area in a thick cloud of fog to mask their exit.As the smoke cleared, Black Panther was left with even more questions.“Is everyone all right?” Black Panther asked the miners.“No!” a voice shouted. “We are not all right!” An angry miner named Ato barreled to the front of the throng.“Speak freely, Ato, so that you may be heard,” Black Panther said.Ato’s body tensed as he described the situation.“These White Gorilla Cultists have attacked the Great Mound three times in the past month. And for what?!” Ato shouted.He paced back and forth with a nervous energy. “They do not steal our Vibranium. Why then do they attack? When will this violence stop?!” Ato looked at his fellow miners for approval. He hoped they, too, would speak up, but the crowd hung their heads low and remained silent.Ato turned his attention back to Black Panther. “Where have you been, dear king? Do you not know what is happening in your own kingdom?”Black Panther prided himself on being a kind and approachable leader. He wasn’t used to being confronted with such anger from one of his own people. Ato’s frustration was unmistakable. Black Panther wondered if his response would be enough. He considered his words carefully before speaking. “I’m aware of these previous assaults. I understand the terrible toll they’ve taken. I’m currently investigating the situation,” he explained.“Ha!” Ato cackled. He turned, pointing to the other frustrated miners. “And you think this brings us comfort? We need a leader. Meanwhile, our king is too busy being a Super Hero.”Ato’s words stung. Black Panther cared deeply for the Wakandan people and had always done what he felt was in their best interest. Being an Avenger and defending the Earth was part of that mission. Now he wasn’t so sure it was the best course of action.“Your father was devoted to his country. He died protecting it,” Ato said.Black Panther’s anger began to rise. “I love this country and will do anything to protect its people.”“Prove it,” Ato said.“Enough!” Black Panther turned and addressed the crowd with authority. “It’s true that I have a life outside our nation.I’m proud to walk among Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but hear me when I say they do not own me. I am not at their beck and call.”FWOOOOM!!! A mechanical roar sounded in the distant sky, moving closer by the second. It was the Quinjet, chosen mode of transportation for the Avengers. The craft landed on the edge of the Great Mound as the assembled miners stared with curiosity.“Do you see? Do you see? Our king’s masters are here to collect him,” Ato said, turning to the other miners. “These people and their ugly spacecrafts. A Wakandan could create something ten times better.”The ship’s door opened as Captain Marvel, Captain America, and War Machine stepped out.“Looks like you’ve got a real party going on here,” War Machine joked. Black Panther's eyes narrowed.“I’m dealing with a situation that requires my full attention. What brings you to Wakanda?” he asked.“We need to speak with you,” Captain America said. “We wouldn’t have come all this way if it wasn’t important.”Ato released a hearty chuckle. “Then it is confirmed!” he said, turning to the crowd once again. “Do you not see? He is owned by these Avengers. Our king serves another master.”Captain America turned to Black Panther and gently grabbed his arm.“Is there a place we can speak privately?” he asked.“We’ll go to the capital,” Black Panther said, pulling away from his grip. “To the royal palace.”“Yes, go to your shimmering palace, away from the people,” Ato said.Ato’s rudeness agitated Captain Marvel.“Watch it, buddy!” she shouted. “Black Panther is still your king!”Ato sneered and picked up his broken tools as the crowd dispersed. Black Panther was impressed with his people’s continued resilience in the face of danger. I will get to the bottom of this, he thought. The Avengers headed toward the Quinjet for the short journey to the capital of Wakanda.War Machine noticed Black Panther’s frustration and tried to lighten the mood. “Tough crowd, man,” he said with a smile.“I can’t believe you let that guy talk to you like that,” Captain Marvel said.“I didn’t let him do anything. I merely listened,” Black Panther said. “Respect isn’t demanded, Captain. It’s earned.”“You got that right!” Captain Marvel replied.Black Panther pulled Captain America aside to speak privately as the others boarded the ship. “The people are tense. My duties as an Avenger have kept me away from my duties as the King of Wakanda. A mysterious enemy has chosen to take advantage of this. It’s a matter I look forward to handling on my own.”Captain America nodded.


At the royal palace, the Avengers made themselves comfortable in Black Panther’s personal quarters. The modern space was filled with ancient relics from Wakanda’s past. A portrait of his father when he was the reigning Black Panther hung in the middle of the room. Black Panther treasured it above all else. War Machine removed his helmet and strolled through the room, looking at each piece of history.“Nice place you’ve got here,” he said. “Need a roommate?”“You’re always welcome to visit,” Black Panther said, grinning under his mask. “It’s not often that I receive guests.”Captain Marvel had grown tired of pleasantries. “Let’s get down to business, Panther,” she said. “Last night, a guy dressed like you robbed a top secret S.H.I.E.L.D. black site. We know you didn’t do it, but Nick Fury still wants us to bring you in for questioning.”“I don’t understand,” Black Panther said. “I’ve been in Wakanda for over a week now since our last mission. Fury knows this. S.H.I.E.L.D. should be able to solve this mystery easily and without my involvement.”“There’s a guy out there committing crimes dressed exactly like you,” War Machine offered. “Aren’t you at least worried?”Black Panther was annoyed. “Villains are invading my country. The people of Wakanda feel threatened, and I haven’t been here to protect them. That worries me more than anything else right now.”Captain America took a deep breath, and he explained the situation as he saw it. “I understand your predicament, T’Challa. I truly do. But believe me when I tell you—S.H.I.E.L.D. isn’t asking. This is not a request.”“Then it’s an order?” Black Panther replied. “What if I choose not to come with you?”“We answer to S.H.I.E.L.D. That’s the way it is. You signed up for stuff like this when you joined the Avengers!” Captain Marvel said, her temper flaring. “There are no free rides. Even for kings.”Black Panther wanted to honor his commitment to the Avengers, but he’d also made a commitment to defend his people. There was a serious choice before him, and he wasn’t sure what to do.Before he could answer, Ramonda, the Queen Mother, walked into the room. She smiled. “No one told me we had guests. I would’ve had the chef prepare a snack for everyone.”  Noting that they were in the presence of royalty, Captain America, War Machine, and Captain Marvel bowed.But Ramonda wouldn’t have such a thing. “Rise. Please. This tradition has always made me uncomfortable,” she explained. Ramonda embraced the Avengers, giving them each a warm and sturdy hug. “What brings you to Wakanda? Taking my son away on a new adventure?”“Someone has taken my identity and used it to commit a crime. My colleagues are here to bring me in for questioning,” Black Panther said. The room fell silent.“May I have a moment alone with my stepson, please?” Ramonda asked.“Of course,” said Captain America.The Avengers respectfully stepped out of the room.“It’s good to have you home,” Ramonda said.“It’s good to be home,” said Black Panther. “I’m pulled in many directions these days, as you well know.”“T’Challa, do me a favor and remove your mask,” Ramonda said. “I want to see your face when I’m speaking to you.”The Black Panther’s uniform was made of a bulletproof Vibranium weave that protected him from harm. It did not, however, prevent him from facing reality. He removed his mask and smiled at his stepmother.Ramonda put her hand to T’Challa’s cheek and grinned. “My proud son. The king,” she said. “Heavy is the head that wears the crown.”“How many times must I hear that tired old phrase?” T’Challa asked. He turned to look at a Wakandan artifact on display. “There’s unrest at the Great Mound,” he said. “The White Gorilla Cultists have reared their ugly heads yet again.”“Do you have any leads?” Ramonda asked.“No,” T’Challa answered. “It’s infuriating.”“Utilize all your resources. There are answers to your questions,” Ramonda said. “In the meantime, know that Wakanda is forever grateful for your protection.”T’Challa shook his head. “You don’t understand. The people think I’m abandoning them,” he said. “They think my duties as an Avenger come before their needs. I wonder if they’re right.”“You’ve helped the Avengers fight madmen that would destroy the entire planet, Wakanda included,” said Ramonda. “Surely the people understand that.”“It’s not enough for them,” said T’Challa. “The people speak only of my failures.”“And what of your achievements?” Ramonda said. “Remember the good that you’re doing.”Stepmother and stepson gazed out across the vastness of their kingdom and were met with a feeling of calmness as they recalled fond times from the past.“Your father would have been so proud of you. This is not an easy job. Your father knew that more than anyone,” said Ramonda. She rested her head on T’Challa’s shoulder.T’Challa knew what he had to do. “I’ll accompany the Avengers to the S.H.I.E.LD. Helicarrier and return as quickly as possible,” he said. There was a renewed firmness in his voice. “Then I will get to the bottom of these attacks and stop them once and for all. I owe Wakanda everything I have,” he said. “I won’t let my people down.”Shuri, T’Challa’s sister, rushed into the room. “I was combat training when the cultists attacked. I came as soon as I heard. Also—is that a Quinjet parked outside?”Despite her role as princess of Wakanda, Shuri was unconcerned with the flourishes of her royal stature. She preferred the heat of battle and had been training for it since she was a little girl.“Shuri, my dear, your brother’s friends are here,” Ramonda said. “How was your training session?”“Learned a few new moves. You can tell the Avengers I’m ready if ever they need me, brother.” Shuri grinned.Shuri’s playful suggestion gave T’Challa an idea. When she wasn’t busy with her studies, Shuri developed her skills as a fighter by watching the Dora Milaje, Wakanda's royal guard. “Shuri, listen closely. I must leave Wakanda again. I need you to lead in my stead,” he said.Shuri’s eyes widened at the prospect.“You’ll have the Dora Milaje at your disposal. Should the White Gorilla Cult attack again, I need you to rally your forces. Can you do that for me?” TChalla asked.“T’Challa, I don’t . . .” Shuri stuttered. “You’re the chosen one. You’re the Black Panther, not me. I’m just a girl who dreams of being a hero.”“You are yourself,” T’Challa said. “That’s all I need you need to be.”Shuri looked at Ramonda for approval. “Is that all right, Mother?” she asked.“Always,” Ramonda said. “You both fill my heart with pride.”T’Challa hugged his sister tight. “Stay vigilant. Be prepared. Wakanda is counting on you,” he said. “Oh, and make sure you leave your communicator on in case I need to reach you.”Shuri couldn’t believe her luck. She worked





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