英文原版 漫威超级英雄故事.美国队长 Captain America: the Tomorrow Army(txt+pdf+epub+mobi电子书下载)

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英文原版 漫威超级英雄故事.美国队长 Captain America: the Tomorrow Army

英文原版 漫威超级英雄故事.美国队长 Captain America: the Tomorrow Army试读:

The Story of Captain America

All Steve Rogers ever wanted was to join the army. But he was frail and weak and unable to enlist. Then Steve was chosen to take part in a top secret experiment called Project: Rebirth. He was given the Super-Soldier Serum and was bathed in pulsating Vita-Rays. When the experiment was over, Steve had been transformed from a small and thin weakling into a big, tall, and strong Super-Soldier.Steve was given a special uniform and an unbreakable red, white, and blue shield made from a rare metal called Vibranium. He promised to fight for freedom and equality for all asAfter one particularly tough battle with the evil villain called Red Skull, Cap’s plane crashed into the icy waters of the Arctic. The plane—with Cap still inside—was frozen for many decades, until it was discovered by S.H.I.E.L.D., the world’s best super spies. They soon revived Captain America from his icy slumber.Steve joined S.H.I.E.L.D.’s team of Super Heroes, known as the Avengers. Now, fighting alongside Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Falcon, Captain America once again defends liberty and justice from evildoers everywhere!


Steve Rogers woke up at 4:55 a.m., minutes before his alarm clock rang. He jumped out of bed, stretched, and began his morning routine. By 5:15, Steve had already done 3,250 push-ups and 4,500 sit-ups, and he hadn’t even broken a sweat.Next it was time for his morning jog—a quick ten-mile run around the streets of New York City.Steve left his apartment, breathed in the warm June air, and began his jog. Good runners could finish a mile in five minutes. Steve could do it in under two.Steve made his way downtown and to Forty-Second Street, then cut over to Broadway. As he ran, Steve looked up at the giant billboards and bright lights of Times Square. Steve definitely preferred the old Big Apple.Steve ended his run downtown in front of a newsstand and was instantly greeted with a “hiya, Cap” from the guy working the stand, whom everyone called Old Joe.“Just Steve, please,” Steve said.“The usual?” Old Joe called out.Steve nodded, and the man handed him the. Steve still couldn’t believe a newspaper cost a dollar. He remembered when they were just five cents!“Glad you’re still buying the paper,” Old Joe began. “You’re my best customer. Most people today get their news from phones or computers. You even pay with actual money. It’s like the 1940s all over again,” he said with a smile.Steve smiled back, took the paper, and walked across the street to get a cup of coffee. Usually, he’d go to the local Diner. But after hearing Old Joe talk about the ’40s and how different things were today, Steve thought he would try something new, so he made his way to the trendy coffee shop down the block.The shop was buzzing with people. They barely stopped moving long enough to order their drinks, all of which sounded weird to Steve. He stared at the chalkboard menu. When it was his turn, Steve asked for “just a cup of Joe,” and the kid behind the counter stared back at him blankly.“You want what?” the server asked, confused.“A cup of Joe, black,” Steve replied, but there was still no response. “You do sell coffee here, right?” Steve asked. The kid was amazed that someone wanted just a regular black coffee with nothing else in it. Steve paid for his overpriced drink, then took his paper and sat on a bench outside.So much for trying something different, he thought.Steve looked around and sighed. People were walking with their heads down, busy with other things, oblivious to the world around them. Everyone was connected to technology, but not . . . to one another. In Steve’s day, people talked to each other. They read and conversed rather than losing themselves in their own virtual worlds.But before he could continue thinking about how different things were, a strong voice called out to him. “Captain, we have a situation . . .” the voice began. Steve looked up to see his Avengers teammate Sam Wilson, code name, standing before him. Steve instantly rose to his feet.“What’s the mission?” Steve asked, ready to jump into battle.Sam began. “I’ve got an extra ticket to today’s Yankees game and no one to go with me. What do you say? Want to take in America’s favorite pastime?” he asked.Steve smiled. It wasn’t an actual mission, but a baseball game with Sam would still be fun.“Count me in,” Steve said. “Besides, I haven’t been to a ball game since Joltin’ Joe played.”“Joltin’ who?” Sam asked as they walked back uptown.“Never mind,” Steve said with a sigh. Little did he know that day would be the start of the most dangerous mission of Cap’s career.


Captain America and Falcon stood before Nick Fury, the director of the super-spy group known as S.H.I.E.L.D. Cap—in his red, white, and blue uniform—was a very impressive figure. Next to him was Falcon, wearing a high-tech flight suit that, when activated, allowed him to fly with holographic wings. Both heroes stood at attention on board S.H.I.E.L.D.’s massive Helicarrier—part aircraft carrier, part helicopter, and all state of the art. The ability of this futuristic vessel to fly unseen above Manhattan still impressed Steve.“Gentlemen,” the eye-patch-wearing Fury began as he called up a digital HUD. “Within the last three weeks, reports of missing persons around the tristate area have more than tripled. Men and women, all between the ages of eighteen and thirty, all seemingly in perfect health and in top physical condition.”“Think they’re all connected?” Cap asked.“Stay alert” Fury said. “The kidnappings seem to be random, but S.H.I.E.L.D. intelligence tells me that there’s something bigger going on. I have several agents hard at work trying to figure out who is behind this, and why.”“What’s our involvement?” Falcon asked.“Right now, observe and report only. I want you up to speed for when we need to act,” Fury said.As Cap and Falcon walked out of Fury’s office, the First Avenger felt disappointed.He was looking forward to some action, not sitting on the sidelines. But before he could harp on the issue too long, Falcon gave him a nudge.“Come on, Cap,” Falcon said. “We’re going to be late for the game. The Helicarrier is going up the East Coast and will be over the Bronx in two minutes—just enough time for us to change into less conspicuous clothing.”Steve Rogers walked around Yankee Stadium in shock. There was music blasting, a huge TV, dozens of smaller TVs, various fancy restaurants and food stands, and even clothing shops.“This certainly isn’t the House that Ruth built,” he said to Sam.“You’re living in another time, man. Welcome to the twenty-first century, where everything is at your fingertips!” Sam said.As they sat, Steve wondered why a music video kept playing on the jumbotron screen. “Oh, that’s one of the outfielders,” Sam said. “He has the number-three song in the country.”“Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio never sang,” Steve said under his breath. “Isn’t anyone interested in the game anymore?”But before Sam could respond, their S.H.I.E.L.D. emergency beacons started to blink. It was Fury. There was a team of college kids on the way to the game, but their bus had gone missing. S.H.I.E.L.D. intercepted the garbled 911 call, and Sam and Steve were being called in to respond.They ran out of the stadium and stood before Steve’s vintage 1942 Harley-Davidson motorcycle. “You can’t be serious,” Sam said, referring to the battered and bruised cycle. “You could walk faster than that thing goes.” But Steve was already opening a large duffel bag to reveal his Captain America uniform and Vibranium shield.“She hasn’t failed me yet,” Cap said with a smile. “Now suit up and hop on.”“No way. I can fly. I’ll carry you,” Sam responded as his holographic hard-light wings began to form.“Not a chance,” Steve said as he lowered his mask into position. He jumped on his bike and started it with a loud roar. Now THIS was Cap’s favorite pastime!


Falcon shook his head, then took to the air and activated the GPS on his watch. “I’ve got a lock on them, so try to keep up!” Falcon said as he flew toward the Major Deegan Expressway. Captain America followed on his bike, darting in and out of traffic until he spotted the hijacked school bus.Cap sped past all the other cars until he was right behind the bus. Suddenly, the emergency doors at the back of the bus burst open.Energy beams shot from the windows. Whoever these guys were, they were very heavily armed.“Understood,” Falcon said. The flying hero dove down and fired a grappling hook at the roof of the bus, penetrating the thick top. Falcon swung high into the air and yanked with all his might, causing the driver to swerve. The distraction worked! Cap sped up and drove out of harm’s way.Inside the bus, an armed goon attached a small device to the end of the grappling hook and sent an electric charge up the wire and straight back to Falcon. It shocked the hero, and Falcon fell to the ground. The villain laughed as the bus sped away. “We did it,” the goon said. “Inform headquarters that the test subjects will be there within the hour.”But before the driver could respond, he pointed out the window; the armed goon followed his gaze. “No! It can’t be,” the driver said in disbelief. The villains saw him from a distance, standing atop an overpass, looking directly at them: it was Captain America!Cap jumped on his bike and revved the engine, but it sputtered out. “Not now!” Cap said under his breath. He tried his bike again.The bus was getting closer and closer. He tried a third time. The bike sputtered again and then conked out.The motorcycle that had never failed. . . failed. By then the bus was almost under the overpass. There was only one thing to do. Captain America ran at full speed and JUMPED!The bus swerved left and right, then burst through a guardrail and came to a stop.Cap, who had been clinging to the top of the bus, quickly jumped to his feet and swung down through one of the side windows.“Ah, the great Captain America,” the villain said as he raised his weapon.The goon fired, but Cap was too fast. The beams bounced off his raised shield. Then Cap THREW his shield! The hostages stood there, stunned, as the goon fell to the ground. Then Cap noticed that the driver had gotten away.“Wait here,” he instructed the hostages. “I’ll be right back!”Captain America jumped off the bus and ran at top speed toward the driver. The driver had pulled out a high-tech energy weapon, ready to fire, when—Falcon smashed down on the villain and knocked him out cold.“Who are these guys?” Falcon asked.“I don’t know, but they’re too heavily armed for a hostage situation,” Cap said. “Fury’s right: there’s more to this than meets the eye. And I don’t like it.”“Captain America? Falcon?” a voice called from behind them. “We’ll take it from here.” It was Agent Coulson from S.H.I.E.L.D. He and his team were ushering the hostages off the bus and taking the villains into custody. “Please report to Director Fury’s office at oh seven hundred tomorrow morning,” Coulson said. Then he wheeled Cap’s bike up to him. “Think you might want to requisition a new ride, Captain,” Coulson quipped.“No, thanks,” Cap said as he quickly took the bike from him and wheeled it off toward the S.H.I.E.L.D. trucks.“Was it something I said?” Coulson asked Falcon.“Nah, he’s just upset. He almost jeopardized the hostages thanks to his old motorcycle.”Cap heard what Falcon said. And he was right.


At seven the next morning, Steve Rogers stood in his civilian clothing before Director Fury.“Coulson will deal with what happened yesterday,” Fury said before changing the subject. “Your help is needed elsewhere.” He pressed a button under his desk.The windows went black as a flat-screen TV lowered itself from the ceiling. “Watch this, and then we’ll talk,” Fury said as he pressed another button.Steve watched the screen as the men in the video spoke in hushed tones. “Notice anything special about those men?” Fury asked. Steve studied the video more closely.“There are six of them, but . . . but only two of them look. . .real,” Steve said, almost in disbelief.“Good eye. The other four are advanced holograms. But keep watching,” Fury said.“Everything is proceeding accord-ing to schedule. The Techno-Disruptor has been completed and the Tomorrow Army will soon be ready,” said one of the holograms.“Excellent. The final meeting is set for midnight tomorrow at Gravesend Bay,” said one of the non-holograms. “I will inform our leader.” And with that, the video abruptly ended and the light in the office returned. Steve turned toward Fury.“What is the Tomorrow Army?” Steve asked. “And where did this video come from?”Fury pressed another button; a few seconds later, the beautiful yet dangerous Natasha Romanoff, code name Black Widow, entered the room.“I took the video, and it wasn’t easy,” Natasha said, then explained how she’d had to hold herself up in the rafters. “After the video cut out and the holograms disappeared, the two men raised both their arms and said:Steve’s fists clenched at the mere mention of Hydra, an evil organization that wanted to take over the world. They were the very opposite of the super spies who made up S.H.I.E.L.D. and worked to keep the world safe.“I followed them down a hidden elevator shaft and tailed them to a secret underground training room. There were dozens of guards—all training with different weapons or in different fighting styles. . .and all wearing Hydra badges,” Natasha said.“It’s not possible,” Steve said. “Hydra was defeated almost a century ago—by me!”“That’s what we thought,” Fury said. “Then we found this.”He handed Cap an envelope marked Top secRet. “Twelve of my best agents ended up in the hospital getting us this info,” Fury said. Cap opened the envelope to find several glossy pictures. “I think you’ll recognize the person in the center of the room.”Steve’s eyes widened, and his blood ran COLD. “No . . .” Steve whispered. The figure in





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